Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Finding Joy in Work

Have you felt distracted or unmotivated in your work?
  • Uncover the lies that run through your head: For me it’s been, “You’ll never be good enough. You have to prove yourself, but you don’t have what it takes.” This is a lie. True, I don’t have all it takes. True, I will never be perfect. But I have the Defender who is fighting for me. What lies have you been telling yourself?
  • Remember that you are made in the image of God. You don’t have a choice whether you are of this image. Your only choice is whether you reflect this image. Don’t believe the lies; instead show His ultimate truth through you.
  • Invest everything. Rather than fearing that I will fail and trying to prove I am worthy, I need to invest all. God calls us to put forth and pour out everything in our being toward what He has planned for us. I am working for Element3sixty because He called me here. It’s not up to me if God will bless Element3sixty’s success. I am to be all in, ministering into the lives of the students that come through our program.
  • Willingly surrender. God has you here, now. Instead of being distracted by all that you could be doing, jump all in. This investment is the only way to joy. Christ’s sacrifice shows us that the only way into full joy is to willingly surrender. Today, give up your agenda to God. Today, I relinquish my fear of failing because He has already won. 
  • Choose to be embraced by joy. Whether I succeed or fail will not determine how much the Father loves me. I am already His. But choosing to live fully and surrender all will determine the extent of the joy I can enter into.

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