About Me

A newlywed and new Atlantan dedicated to helping others be embraced by the journey

I'm a newlywed, cowboy boot wearing, Atlantan who shops at Trader Joes, struggles through every DIY project I’ve tried, is an avid reader and runner, enjoys cooking seasonal dishes, and baking “too-healthy-for-you to accurately be called” cookies. I am the Director of Student Coaching at Student Launch Pad, and I am passionate about coaching students to success. And I am learning how to merge my Achiever strength (shout out to StrengthsFinder) with my inner creativity.

I read a smattering of cooking, leadership, and fitness blogs and journal almost daily… so why not start a blog? Welcome to BeEmbraced where you’ll read about the life of a 20-something who is beyond blessed to be on this journey with her husband in a new, big city.

Consider BeEmbraced a verbal (and sometimes pictorial) scrapbook of married life, Atlanta outings, my hobbies of cooking, exercising, reading (and whatever else I pick up along the way), and my nerdy musings on leadership and personal development.