Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Travel Journal 4: Tahoe Adventures

2013 is off to a busy and exciting start! I am working with four schools in the Atlanta area, taking students through the Student Launch Pad program, and I spent a few days last week in Orlando, meeting with schools and individuals interested in the program.

That being said, I have not written as frequently so far this year, and I am behind on cataloging my travels. So here is a quick recap of the wonderful time that John and I had in Tahoe with his parents and sisters.

After New Years Eve in D.C., I flew into Atlanta on News Year Day where John met me at the airport with my second suitcase. We then flew to meet his family in Tahoe for a ski trip.

I had never skied before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. The first day, after getting fitted for skis/boots (I had to learn how to even put everything on!), I headed to my ski lesson. Our instructor started us on the "Magic Carpet" but by the end of the class, I could get on the ski lift and navigate down the "Big Easy" aka Bunny Slope. (Navigate does not mean without falling!)

Before ski school... right before taking this picture, I started sliding backwards down an incline and wiped out. Guess you should wait to take pictures until after the lesson!

The rest of the afternoon, John practiced with me on the green slopes, but I was very scared that first day. I was not good at controlling my speed or direction - hence I fell a lot and woke up the next morning very sore!

John and I before going down a Green
The second day, my mother-in-law Lisa taught me how to turn and use "pizza" to slow down. I followed behind her on the green slopes and started feeling a lot more comfortable. It also helped that my father-in-law Steve would follow behind to pick up my skis when I fell! As I practiced on the greens, John adventured down blacks with his sisters.

Tahoe itself is absolutely beautiful, and I was able to enjoy even more of the scenery by the third and fourth days when I went on the blue slopes. On the third day I was feeling a lot more confident and loved one particular blue run that we did through the woods.

First Blue! SO pretty!
The run through the woods- you can see the lake in the background
Since I had accomplished a blue run all the way down to our condo without falling, John thought I could handle more challenging blues on our last day. The views were incredible, but some of the runs were very steep. On one I could not slow down and flew down the slope yelling "I can't stop!" before wiping out with John and his parents watching from above. But if that was my worst fall then I'm still proud of the progress I made throughout the week!

Last day, before going down our final three blue runs
Aside from the fun times we had skiing during the day, we also went out to two very nice dinners. The first was at a restaurant called Christy Hill, which was on Lake Tahoe. (Side note: This was also my first time in California!) We had an early dinner, so we saw the amazing sunset over the lake. The food was also delicious! The other wonderful dinner that we went to was at the Ritz to celebrate Lisa's birthday, which was also wonderful!

Beautiful sunset over Lake Tahoe


All trying to squeeze in the photo without falling on the ice!

John and me before dinner at Christy Hill

We had such a wonderful trip, and I absolutely loved skiing. I definitely want to go again! It was also such a special time to be with the family, play board games in the evening, make dinner together, and listen to Emma and Amy sing and play guitar. I am so very thankful for my amazing in-laws!


  1. I am sitting in sunny Florida wishing I was in the snow right now. What a sweet post! Thanks for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks for checking in, Lyli! I miss sunny FL some days!

  2. awwww....thank you for your kind comments! What a wonderful trip and the absolute BEST way to celebrate 50 years of life! I am a richly bless woman!

    1. So glad we got to share in the celebration with you!! Miss you! xoxo