Friday, August 23, 2013

Fit Friday: Butt, Back, Arms, Abs

This week's Fit Friday workout focuses more on muscle toning rather than cardio. It's a good sequence to do the day after a long run for recovery, while still getting a great pilates-focused workout in.

These videos work a lot of muscles that runners tend to forget to focus on: namely the glutes and hamstrings. Plus you'll feel long and lean with great posture after the back and abs exercises.

40-Minute Workout for the Butt, Back, Arms, and Abs 
All of the videos are from FitSugar (one of my favorite fitness sites!)

1. 10-Minute Inner Thigh & Triceps Workout (not technically Pilates but it's a good start to get your heart rate up a bit)
2. 10-Minute Pilates Butt Workout (you will be shaking by the end, I promise!)
3. 10-Minute Yoga Workout  (deep burn while you pulse in yoga poses; Jennifer Aniston's trainer instructs!)
4. 10-Minute Flat Belly Workout (focuses on the abs and back but also great stretching)

If you're using this as a recovery workout, I highly recommend investing in my new favorite workout accessory...

a Foam Roller!

(See the picture above for what mine looks like.)

Foam rolling is a self-massaging technique that loosens your muscles and is great to do after workouts to prevent soreness and stiff muscles. I've really noticed a difference, especially in loosening up my hips after a long run. Click here for some great foam roller exercises from FitSugar to try!

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