Tuesday, September 17, 2013

There's a first time for everything

The past month or so has included a couple of exciting "firsts" for me.

1. Yurtin'

This past weekend ten girls met up in South Carolina to celebrate a bachelorette/shower in a yurt. A yurt was originally a Mongolian tent that was portable. (A link to the Wikipedia article is here for those who are interested!). The celebration was for my friend Alex, who was on my hall freshman year and who's been a dear friend ever since. It was my first time staying in a yurt, which looked like this:

1. Me, Leah, and Heather spelling "yurt" without the "u"
2. The inside of the yurt... kind of like summer camp
The expert campers in the group (me not included in that list!) called it "glamping" (glamorous camping) since we had nice bathrooms, showers, and a kitchen nearby. The weekend was a great mix of catching up with friends, spending time outdoors, and relaxing!

On our Saturday hike to a nearby waterfall
...and yes we made Alex wear the bachelorette sash and hat the entire hike!

1. Taking a nap outside post hike (also a first for me to actually fall asleep on the grass)
2. The whole group of girls on the hike
3. Exploring the waterfall
2. Georgia Football

It's almost embarrassing to say that we've lived in Georgia for over two years and neither John or I had been to a UGA football game before. (If you're not from Georgia, FYI UGA football - and college football in general - is a BIG deal!)

Our friend William and his brother Wilson, both who graduated from UGA, took care of that a few weekends ago by taking us to the UGA vs. South Carolina football game in Athens. It was a lot of fun to tour the school on game day and see Athens. The game atmosphere was very exciting - especially since Will got all of us into the student section! Plus, UGA won!

1. Ringing the bell after a victory is a tradition at UGA
2. The guys post-victory!
3. The arch is iconic on UGA's campus

3. Blue Wig

This "first" is from a month or so ago, but I had to include it... The first time I've worn a blue wig. It was also my first time to actually wear a wig out in public! The occasion was for my friend Sarah's bachelorette weekend in Nashville. We all decided to add some pizazz to the evening by wearing neon colored wigs downtown. Since all nine of us were sporting the wigs, it was a lot more entertaining than embarrassing!

Me posing with the bride-to-be Sarah
Pre and Post pictures

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