Friday, January 10, 2014

Frozen Pipes & Fit Friday Circuit Training

Like most of the country (except Florida I'm looking at you!), Atlanta had freezing temperatures this week. With John out of town, I relied a lot on the generosity of neighbors and friends (and my dad on what he started calling the "Home Helpline") to deal with frozen pipes. When one burst underneath our house, friends came to the rescue to help me turn our water off (thankfully Dad had told me what tool I needed to buy ahead of time). Another friend let me shower at her house and everyone was offering their assistance, homes etc. I'm so blessed by our community here!

With John calling our builder, the plumbers who did our house originally were able to come repair the pipe that day. Since I had a class that evening, my next door neighbor stayed up until 11pm after I got home to help me turn my water back on and test everything out. I'm happy to report that as of now everything is working properly and there seems to be no damage! Plus, I'm very thankful that John is home now too!

Although I had no time to exercise while dealing with the house issues, this cold weather in general has encouraged me to switch my workout routine to the indoors. Plus, I received some awesome workout equipment for Christmas! Take a look at my workout room below, updated with an exercise bench, kettlebell, new shoes, a bosu ball, and new workout DVDs.

To test out my new bench, bosu ball, and kettlebell I did the following workout:

Here are links or explanations to the exercises:

Side to side bench steps: Stand with left leg on bench. Reach right leg to the right to touch the ground. Swing right leg behind standing leg to touch the ground on the left side of the bench. That equals 1 rep. Repeat on the same leg for 12 times then switch legs.

Lunges with bicep curl: Lunge forward on your right foot while curling your bicep. Step left foot forward to lunge with the left leg while curling your bicep. Repeat 15 times per leg.

Push up and curl in on stability ball - Watch the first video on this link. I added a roll-in after the push-up by drawing my knees toward my chest then rolling the ball back into pushup position.

Step up on bench with shoulder press - I left the curl out and went straight to the shoulder press

Kettlebell bench row - The second exercise on this link.

Glute roll-in on stability ball - Fourth video on this link.

Swimmer on bosu ball

I hope everyone is staying warm and has a wonderful weekend!


  1. First, your dad is a genius when he made a "Home Helpline" for you! Your neighbors are great too, as they offered you assistance; who lets other people shower at their house in short notice? Nice to see the pipes were fixed quickly, as you don't want to be touring your friends for free showers. Perhaps letting them exercise at your place would be a good "payment"? Haha!
    James Warren @

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