Saturday, February 8, 2014

Encouraging words for a hard day

The snow in my backyard melted in patches, the greenish brown turf poking through snowy footprints. I was amazed at how little snow had actually melted until I looked to the far right of our yard. Green grass with only remnants of yesterday's snowflakes spread across the yard.

This shift in perspective is similar to our development: In bits and pieces, part of the new you shines through the patches. If you only look at the covering - the parts of you that haven't changed into fertile ground for growth - your perspective would be wrong. You'd fail to see all of the new developments and areas of growth that have taken place inside of you.

Without looking at the whole picture, you limit your understanding of the truth.

When I am having a hard day, it's often because I'm only looking at snippets of a situation. I make blanket statements, like the snow blanketing the ground, about my lack of growth or how unfair a situation is or all the reasons something isn't right.

At these moments, I need someone to remind me to step back and get the whole perspective. Where are the green patches, the opportunities, the things that are going right?

Sometimes others can see growth in you before you recognize it yourself. But other times people will make blanket statements or assumptions about you that don't take the whole you into account. 

Remember: you are not others' perceptions of you. But you're not your own perception of yourself either. 

Only our Maker, the one who is able to see the entire picture, the Alpha and the Omega, only He has the correct perception of you: Daughter or Son of King. Redeemed. You can see this whole picture when you realize you are made whole in Him.

As a She Reads Truth devotional states, "It means I am a new creation, renewed daily by His grace and mercy." We're already a new creation yet we're also continually being made new. Keep this encouraging picture in mind next time you're having trouble seeing the bright patches in your life.

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