Monday, February 20, 2012

What defines you?

At Element3sixty, our purpose is represented through our logo, shown below.

What do you see?
Hint: Look at the white space.

The blue image shaped liked a puzzle piece shows how schools define students by a predetermined shape they must fit into: the right combination of SAT scores, grades, and GPA. Yet Element3sixty is about the whole student, the 360 degrees view. 

Look at the white space that surrounds the logo, and what do you see? The creativity that is required to see the "E" and the "3" in the white space is the type of thinking that the school system often does not encourage. Instead, there is a standardized, "correct" way to solve problems and develop the "right" solution. 

What defines you?

Schools often tell us that grades, GPA, and SAT scores define our worth as a student. Work communicates that P&L statements, average sales, and the amount of our yearly bonus determines our level of business success.

Alain de Botton in "Religion for Everyone" states:
"Insofar as modern society ever promises us access to a community, it is one centered on the worship of professional success. We sense that we are brushing up against its gates when the first question we are asked at a party is 'What do you do?,' our answer to which will determine whether we are warmly welcomed or conclusively abandoned. In these competitive, pseudo-communal gatherings, only a few sides of us count as currency with which to buy the goodwill of strangers. What matters above all is what is on our business cards." 
The real question should be perhaps, what do you let define you? 

At Element3sixty, we believe that everyone has a purpose. When you discover where your strengths, passions, and values intersect, you operate in your element. This discovery isn't just for students. We challenge everyone to uncover how they can add value for others by operating in their element.

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