Tuesday, October 2, 2012

4 Reasons to Visit a Farm this Fall

This weekend was certainly an adventure, starting with a farm festival, ending with food poisoning, and tackling an organization project in between.

First: A visit to a farm, an activity I highly encourage everyone to do this Fall because... 

Reason #1: You get to shoot corn out of a cannon.

I'd just finished reading Ann Voskamp's (author of 1000 Gifts) blog post about shooting pumpkins out of cannon at an abandoned school bus. I didn't realize that I'd be next! ...Only with corn and targets instead of pumpkins and a school bus. But it was still lots of fun, loud, and I came closer to the target than John did!

Reason #2: You can get lost in a corn maze.

I think this needs to become an annual tradition for John and I, since two years ago I dragged him to Shuckle's Corn Maze in Nashville. The best part about getting lost in a corn maze is that my terrible sense of direction is for once a year on par with John's great navigation skills.

Reason #3: You get to cheer for a pig name Michael Squelps.

I'd never seen a pig race before, and it was very entertaining. At some points the pigs would start running the wrong direction, and halfway through they had to jump in a trough of water and swim across. On the third - and last - race, "our" pig (aka the one we were cheering for) finally won the pig race... I think his namesake gave him a leg up in the swim!

In the video below, we're cheering for the green pig!

Reason #4: You can walk through fields of flowers and pumpkin patches.

Pure fall beauty.

Then on Sunday evening, John and I went on a date night, which was the perfect way to end our weekend until John got food poisoning. So since John is in bed and it's been pouring rain almost nonstop since Sunday, I'm working on an organization project. I'll share the details this week but suffice it to say that once John recovers, he'll have a lot of yummy food waiting for him!


  1. How fun is this!! I love your pics -- sometimes it is important to just get lost once in awhile!

    So glad you are here at SDG! LMK if you would like to join a small group!

    1. Thanks, Jen! It was a fun weekend! And I'd love more info on the small groups- I'm emailing you now :)

  2. Highlight of my day: Picturing you and John cheering for a pig :)

    Hope John feels better soon.

    1. haha it was quite the experience! I hope CA is amazing- can't wait to hear about it! I'm trying to convince John to let me go on a business trip with him out there next year :) And btw, John is feeling much better, thanks!