Friday, October 19, 2012

Fit Friday: Total Body Workout

Today's Fit Friday workout has a little bit of everything in it. I haven't done much strength training this week (taking Monday off threw my schedule off a bit - but obviously it was worth it for our wonderful anniversary trip!)... so I wanted to do a workout that covered cardio and strength all in one. The result is a compilation of FitSugar videos (my favorite site for workout videos) and a Blonde Ponytail video.

The entire workout is 40 minutes long and requires a set of 3 and 5 pound weights and an exercise ball (if you don't have one, a small pillow will work just the same).

3 pound weights are tiny but powerful in this workout!
0:00 - 10:00 Start with this Power Circuit from Blonde Ponytail. Her video goes through all the moves once, and you'll repeat it 2 more times. You do 5 moves for 20 seconds each. A great way to get your heart rate up and ready for some weights!

10:00-20:00 This lower body workout from FitSugar will continue to increase your heart rate then slow things down a bit for the last five minutes - but with some serious muscle burn!

20:00-30:00 Next up: Arms - told you I wanted a total body workout! This FitSugar video will make your biceps and triceps shake by the end of it!

30:00-40:00 End with working the abs. The planks in this FitSugar video are intense so utilize the modifications if you need to. You'll end with a little bit of cardio for a well-rounded workout.

Be sure to cool down and stretch.