Monday, April 22, 2013

Date Nights & Yard Days

This weekend included a lot of enjoying the outdoors, being active, spending time with friends, and a date night for John and me. Here's a recap of our weekend in pictures, including some delicious, quick, and summery recipes at the end!

Friday Night
We had a double date night with our friends, the Pursers, at Stone Summit, a large indoor rock climbing center.
Our friends are excellent rock climbers so they taught us some helpful tips,
like using your leg strength instead of your arms.
John did a lot of work in the yard, including mulching and weed-wacking. My contribution was planting herbs. Since my vegetable garden did not do well last year, I decided to try herbs this time around.
My herbs include: oregano, parsley, basil, rosemary, thyme, mint, lavender, sage, and tarragon.
Get ready for some recipes centered around herbs!
After church, lunch, and John's softball practice, some neighbors stopped by for wine on the front porch. Samantha, our next door neighbor's cat, was being adorable the entire time John and I were outside this weekend.

Samantha being cute at the top, and our pollen covered porch on the bottom. 

Sunday Night
John and I had a stay-in date night. He grocery shopped, prepped, and cooked all of the dinner for us, served on our nice china too! The meal included grilled romaine lettuce for course 1 (I made the salad dressing but that was my only contribution!), grilled watermelon with fresh parsley and jalapeno slices for course 2, and grilled mahi mahi with a spice seasoning and jalapenos/parsley for course 3. Delicious!!

To grill romaine lettuce, keep the leaves on the grill just until they get the beginning of grill marks.
To grill watermelon, keep the slices on for about 3 minutes per side, then flip over and transfer to top rack for about 2 more seconds.

All and all, a fabulous weekend!

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