Monday, April 8, 2013

Uniting Work and Faith: One2 Conference

Last Thursday night, Student Launch Pad had the opportunity to be a part of the first annual One2 Conference. A group of students at the University of Georgia put the entire event on as a way to engage their peers in a practical conversation of how to unite faith and work.

The event was orchestrated and run as a professional conference, including guest speakers, a catered dinner and dessert, and conference materials with the One2 branding. 

The conference materials that each attendee received

As the Director of Student Coaching for Student Launch Pad, I was invited to be a table leader, responsible for leading and facilitating discussion with a group of students after the guest speakers.  

About 150 college students attended the conference, with 10 at my table. The students engaged in genuine dialogue about the nature of work and their internal conflicts of wanting to do meaningful work in the education, business, legal, or medical fields.

Austin Burkhart, Founder of One2 Conferences, concluding the evening

The first keynote speaker was Hugh Whelchel, Executive Director of the Institute for Faith, Work, and Economics in Washington, D.C. His passion and expertise are in helping individuals integrate their faith and vocational calling.

Over our catered dinner, the students at the Student Launch Pad table discussed a statistic that Mr. Whelchel mentioned: Baby Boomers’ number one fear is of public speaking, whereas 
Generation Y's number one fear is of leading a meaningless life. 

The students described feeling stuck and unable to make a decision on direction for their lives. Most students at the table had switched their majors 2-3 times, with one changing majors 6 times. All explained their indecisiveness as searching for what would provide the most meaning in their lives.

To continue reading about the conversations from the One2 Conference, please click here for the Student Launch Pad Blog. 

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