Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What's your strawberry and lime today?

A few weeks ago, I bragged on my husband and posted about how small things really do matter.

I said that when you are aware and intentionally finding small graces during what could be an unmemorable day, suddenly each day is a new adventure.

Well the reverse of this principle is also true. When you purposefully seek out small ways to serve, love, surprise, or thank others, it provides the opportunity to make their day memorable. 

Oftentimes, I think we are hesitant to act on ideas that we have to serve others because the cost outweighs the benefit in our mind. And this thinking negates the intention of the act of service anyway.

Instead, through offering gratitude for small things that happen during my day, I've come to see that I can love others through little gestures as well. 

For instance, last night John and I had a couple over who had never been to our apartment before. Though I had already prepared dinner, I wanted to also show them in a small way that I appreciated them coming over on a Monday night and spending time with us. I quickly sliced a couple strawberries and half of a lime and put in into the water pitcher. Although this took only a few minutes of my time, our guests really appreciated the added touch. (And an entertaining tip sidenote: The water tasted like candy and is great for a summer meal!)

My question to you today is, What's your strawberry and lime? How can you take a minute out of your day and bless someone else? It doesn't need to be costly and overstated. Simply listening to a coworker who you might typically tune out, or writing a short email to let someone know how much you appreciate them... any small gesture can make an impact.

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