Thursday, April 19, 2012

A leopard print toothbrush and dirty dishes... It's the small things

What are the most memorable parts of your day?

Most days aren't filled with job promotions, meeting the love of your life, or traveling to foreign countries.

But for me, all of my days are filled with opportunities to appreciate my favorite parts about my job, be thrilled when I meet the love of my life at the door when he gets home from work every day, and recognizing the beauty even amidst the brokenness in our city.

When you are aware and intentionally finding small graces during what could be an unmemorable day, suddenly each day is a new adventure.

The key part is to recognize the small graces... appreciate the little things in life.

Today as I was brushing my teeth, I realized that is was an unexpected opportunity for gratitude. Not only because I'm thankful to have had braces and dental insurance, but because of my toothbrush. If you've known me for any length of time, you probably know that I love pink. And leopard print. Well about a month ago, John was running errands for us, and I asked him to pick up a toothbrush for me. He brought home the one below. It's a small joy but a daily reminder that my husband cares about and knows me well enough to buy me a hot pink leopard print toothbrush.

The hot pink leopard print toothbrush that John brought home for me.
 Another example was after John and I had company, and we made a huge mess in the kitchen cooking dinner and making breakfast. After pancakes and eggs that morning, we both had to be places, so I rushed out the door. When I got home, I found the sweet note John left me below.

The note John left for me: "I love you baby. Please leave these for me to do."

What's going on in your day where you can pause and notice small joys that are happening around you?

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