Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Beach Body Burn

I am currently in Orlando having some business meetings and planning time for Student Launch Pad. It's a quick trip but always nice to see my family even if I'm working!

With the extremely humid weather making it difficult to run and then the afternoon rain showers, I decided to move my workout inside. Remember my parents' leopard print carpet in the movie room from my last trip home?

Always fun to workout on!

Here's the 30-minute super sweaty Beach Body Burn I did:

These three 10-minute videos from FitSugar work the whole body and include similar exercises so that your legs, abs, and arms will feel the burn by the end of the last video. Yet because each video is only 10-minutes you won't get bored doing a same circuit over and over. Instead it's fast-paced with three different instructors, keeping things exciting!

All you'll need is a set of 5 pound weights.

Time to burn it out (Just click the links to the videos to get going)!

1. Includes a warmup and gets the heart rate up: 10-Minute Full Body Bikini Workout 
2. Up the intensity with strength and cardio: 10-Minute Strength Workout with Cardio Bursts 
3. Pump it up and get your heart beating: Jeanette Jenkins 10-Minute Bikini Boot Camp 

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