Friday, June 21, 2013

Cardio Strength Intervals / The time John left me in a 5k

Tomorrow John and I are racing in A Dancer's Heart 5k. Our friend started this nonprofit to support, inspire, and help youth succeed. We participated in the first annual 5k last year, and this was the race that John promised he'd run with me.

We woke up at 5am last year to help set up for the event as volunteers. Before we left, I asked John about 5 times whether or not I needed to bring my iPod so I could have music while I ran. He said no and that he promised he'd run with me. 

Well, we don't even get 5 minutes into the race and John turns to me (while he begins sprinting) and says, "I think I can win this thing!" And he takes off! So I ran the 3 miles alone and without music. 

The worst part? He DID win! His 1st place plaque is in his office since I wouldn't let him display that memory in our house... at least it makes for a good story now!

I'll let you know how the race goes tomorrow, but I'll bringing my iPod regardless... :) 

On another note, today's Fit Friday post was inspired by Blonde Ponytail's Out of the Box workout. I am doing Jess's Summer Shape Up workouts and no, I'm not just doing it because I too have a blonde ponytail! (...a sweaty blonde ponytail after the end of today's workout!) I am at the end of Week 1 and trust me, it's challenging and you'll feel a good sore after each workout. 

Sweaty blonde ponytail after today's workout!
The workout below mixes up running (or any form of cardio you want) with strength exercises to ensure you get your heart rate up and feel the burn! I did everything outside so I used the sidewalk curb and a park bench, but you could easily take this workout inside to avoid the summer heat.

My sweaty tank in the picture above is an indication of the workout's intensity... plus it was about 90 degrees and humid in Atlanta when I did it. Enjoy!

Happy Friday!


  1. Wonder where John got his competitive spirit??? I must say it was displayed at an early age! This year I suspect you're bringing home the plaque! xoxo

    1. haha! He told me this morning that he was going to run with me since we didn't have time to stay for the award ceremony this year!