Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crazy for Coconut Week

With temperatures in the 80s it's already feeling like the start to summer here in Atlanta... and what brings to mind summer more than palm trees and coconuts?

So this week - whether you're stuck in chilly weather still or already dreaming of beach trips - I'm bringing you various ways to incorporate coconut into your meals.

To kick off the week let me share two funny stories about coconuts:

The first story happened when I was about ten years old. I was in the grocery store with my mom and saw a coconut in its shell being sold for 99 cents. It looked very intriguing to me, so after a lot of convincing that it was worth the dollar, we bought the coconut. And I was right- the coconut ended up being more than a dollars worth of entertainment. My dad spent probably an hour figuring out how to crack open the coconut and ended up resorting to a hammer and nail. Though highly comical to a ten year old, I promise the recipes this week won't require any manual labor!

The second story happened last year, while I was hanging out with friends in their dorm room at Vanderbilt. Someone began singing the "I like pina coladas" song in anticipation of spring break, and soon enough all five of us girls started in, and as others walked in, they joined in too. It was definitely a "Glee" moment... and John thought I was making the story up when I told him about it because the concept was so foreign to a guy!

So there you have it, Crazy for Coconut Week at BeEmbraced. No assembly (or dis-assembly!) required, though singing the Pina Colada Song is highly recommended.

Looking forward to a trip back to the  Bahamas with my parents this summer!

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