Thursday, March 15, 2012

Training for the Country Music Half: Running Week Day III

On Tuesday, my fellow blogger, runner, and friend Leah posted an interview of me discussing running the Country Music Half-Marathon. Check out the original post here, or see my answers below.

Taken during the Country Music Half-Marathon
1. What half-marathon(s) have you completed?
Country Music Half-Marathon in Nashville, TN

2. Did you have any certain time goals in mind?
My goal was to run it in under 2 hours, and I ran it in 1 hour 54 minutes.

3. How long did you train?
I trained for about 12 weeks.

4. What was the longest distance you ran before the race?
I had only run 10 miles before the race because all of the advice I'd gotten was that adrenaline would carry me the last 3 miles during the race. However, the last 3 miles were the absolute hardest so I would not recommend this! Had I run 13 miles at least once, I would have known I could do it rather than struggling though the end.

5. How did you feel right before and right after the race?

  • Right before the race, I was very nervous and a little overwhelmed by how many people there were running it. I was afraid the hills were going to be difficult to run.
  • Right after, my legs felt like jelly and I was starving but feeling extremely accomplished, and especially proud that I beat my goal.
6. Did you have any special equipment, snacks, clothing, music, etc that made running13.1 miles more bearable?
I had my iPod to run with, and the week before I'd created a two-hour long playlist of my favorite upbeat songs. I was intentional with the order of the songs, knowing in the beginning I'd need some upbeat, fun songs to keep my nerves at bay, that toward the middle I'd need some inspirational songs, and at the end I would need my all-time favorites. I also ran as a part of my sorority, raising money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. We all wore the same t-shirts, so I felt a part of something bigger than me running for myself. It was also encouraging when onlookers would call out "Go Chi O!" 

7. Any last minute words of advice for me that you wish you'd known before your first half-marathon? 
See #4. Also, don't run on an empty or full stomach. I learned the hard way on both of these- you'll either feel sick and have to stop or not have enough energy and have to stop. Either wait 2 hours after eating a big meal or have a small snack (like half of a banana and half of an English muffin) if you need some fuel before running.

Great questions, Leah! Good luck to Leah as she runs in the Country Music Half Marathon this April!

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