Thursday, March 1, 2012

Run Keeper

It's been rainy and gray here in Atlanta, but when the sun peeks out I take advantage of those precious moments and lace up my running shoes.

Currently, my favorite running accompaniment is the app RunKeeper. This app is ideal for you if you like to track your pace, set goals, do intervals, and/or keep track of your runs and mileage. The app allows you to choose an activity (i.e. running, cycling, hiking, skiing, etc.) and then set what sort of coaching you want.

For running, the coaching options are a target pace, intervals, or set distance. The app uses GPS, so every 5 minutes your "coach" tells you how you're doing, noting your pace, distance, and time run. (If you set a pace goal, she'll also calculate how far ahead or behind your goal you are.) The coach will also keep track of intervals (such as sprint for 30 seconds and recover for 1 minute) and let you know when it's time to sprint or recover. You can save your favorite workouts so at the push of a button you're on your way.

After a run, your activities are saved in a log, including date/time of the run, distance and time, as well as average pace and calories burned. For those mathematically-minded, you can see a bar graph of your minute-by-minute pace. You can also post your workouts to Facebook and Twitter if for some reason you want everyone to know that detailed of stats.

Bottom-line: This app is perfect for any level of runner. If you are goal-oriented or training for a race, then I highly recommend using this app to hold you accountable for logging mileage and your average pace. Regardless of your running intensity, though, doesn't everyone enjoy having a coach talk in their ear every 5 minutes?

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