Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One step at a time: Running Week Day I

This week's theme at BeEmbraced is running... but before all those non-runners out there tune out for a week, read my friend Leah's story about catching the running bug after "loathing running with a fiery passion."

This is how my love of running began: 

Throughout elementary school, I played soccer, and midfielder was my favorite position because it meant I got to run up and down the field. I didn't like being confined to only scoring or defending- I wanted to be everywhere on the field! 

I also used to ride my bike with Dad through the neighborhood while he ran. In about 5th or 6th grade, I decided I wanted to try running with him. We began timing ourselves and keeping track of our mile time in an Excel spreadsheet (high tech for 1999!). I remember telling my P.E. coach how excited I was that I ran a mile in 9 minutes 30 seconds. Then in 7th grade, I decided to run track and realized that my long legs were made for distance, not sprinting. I still pity my supportive parents who sat through hours of a track meet to watch me run for 6 minutes as I competed in the mile!

Up until a year ago, I ran for exercise and for fun but not competitively. Vanderbilt has a 3 mile loop around campus, which I completed a few times each week. Then my senior year, I decided to join a bunch of my sorority sisters and run in the Country Music Half Marathon in Nashville. 

Now, I see why runners race competitively - all the cheering, music, camaraderie, and sense of accomplishment! I don't see myself ever running a marathon, simply because I don't think my body and knees could handle it, but 5K, 10K, and Half-Marathons here I come!

With John and our friend, Chuck, after a 5K race in freezing Chicago- I couldn't feel my feet for the first mile!
Join me this week as I share running tips, how to buy running shoes, and about my half-marathon race experience. 


  1. Bahaha I had forgotten that that was my exact phrase! Pretty accurate though. Also, love that you and your dad kept track in an Excel spreadsheet!! So typical

  2. haha I know... overly goal-oriented even to this day! haha