Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Daddy's kitchen

Last Friday was my Dad's birthday, and in honor of it I wrote a poem for him. Since he was my main inspiration for learning to cook - and since BeEmbraced includes a lot of my recipes - I thought I'd publish the poem here.

Dad giving my best friend, Alex, and me a cooking lesson in high school 

Daddy's Kitchen

Tiny footprints scamper
To her Daddy’s kitchen
Like kitty, fresh from nap,
And now weaving in, out,
And between legs
At the first sound
Of the tuna can opening.

Tiny feet arch, tip toe
Like in ballet class
To breathe in
The fragrance of Daddy’s hands –
Garlic, lemon, thyme…

15 years and tiny toes grow
Into high heels,
Clacking on linoleum floor.
First newlywed apartment
But space enough for
Garlic, lemon, thyme…
To pause at the chopping of carrots,
Inhale caramelizing onions and
Remember Daddy’s hands,
Preparing a gourmet dinner and
Simmering lessons of savoring
The homemade and heart-warmed,
Only enjoyed fully with family.

          Written by Steph Shackelford, 3/1/2012 

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