Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Write love on the tablet of your heart

Whenever I listen to the latest podcast on leadership or read a blog post on personal growth, a common theme pops up:
To accomplish big goals, write them down.

It's not enough to dream big (though this is a start); you need to show commitment. The act of writing down your goals makes them come alive. It also allows you to look back on them and have others to hold you accountable on your progress toward your goal.

We are meant to experience with all five of our senses. For me, the act of writing makes the ideas that I have become memorable. When I write - particularly in my journal, with pen and paper - I feel the pages in between my fingers. I see the colorful cover of my journal. I smell the ink from my pen. I hear the etching of the ink on the page. All of these experiences imprint my hopes, dreams, prayers onto my mind and heart, rather than letting them float aimlessly without taking shape. 

In Proverbs 3:3-4, we are told:
"Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you; 
bind them around your neck; 
write them on the tablet of your heart.
So you will find favor and good success 
in the sight of God and man."

Even here, we see the connection between mindfully writing values and seeing them come to life.  

When John and I got engaged, we were so excited to write our names and date of engagement in Wheaton College's Bell Tower. Not only is it a tradition for Wheaton students, but it was a memorable way to record our engagement.

Now that we are in the process of renovating a house, we wrote Bible verses and phrases on the studs and beams to etch them into our foundation. We intentionally wrote our purpose for the house to welcome all who come into our home and that we recognize that everything is a gift from God. Writing, even though the words will be covered by layers of sheetrock and paint, will cause us to remember these blessings.

"The Lord our God we will serve and his voice we will obey." -Joshua 24:29
"Not one word has failed from all his good promise, which he spoke by Moses his servant." -1 Kings 8:56 
May all be welcomed and blessed who enter this home...
In the upstairs bedrooms, which will eventually be kids' rooms:
May our children know the love of their heavenly Father.


  1. LOVE this post - seriously brought tears to my eyes. Cannot wait to see y'alls new house this weekend!! And you too, of course :)

  2. Thanks Leah! Cannot wait to see you either! 3 days :)

  3. Hi Steph! I think I've only met you once at your in-laws home in Orlando but it's really sweet to be able to check on you newlyweds through your blog and this post is just awesome to read. And... I did call my (also amazing) husband over to see the pic of dishes with the note John left for you!

    May the Lord continue to establish your home, your marriage, your lives and ambitions steadfast after him..... in Him there is fullness of joy!

    1. Thank you so much, Jill! The first 6 months of marriage have been such a joy! I also enjoy reading K Family Journal- Lisa sent me your blog when I started writing mine :)

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