Thursday, November 1, 2012

15 Workout (15 reps, 15 minutes)

When we were in Orlando this past week, I wanted to squeeze in a quick workout before dinner one night. Since I wanted to maximize time with family, I wanted an efficient yet hard workout to power through.

The result is my 15 workout... efficient and effective!

15 reps of each exercise
2 sets
= 15 minute total body workout

Links on how to do each exercise are below. Be sure to modify where needed. For instance, if you can't do 15 push ups, just do the knee tucks. Or use lighter weights if you need to. 

Burpees - get your heart rate going!
Stability ball knee tucks with push up - add the push up to make it great for the abs and the arms
Jumping alternating lunges - hold 5 pound weights in each arm to get a good burn; do 15 per side
Dumbbell chest press on stability ball - use about 10 pound weights in each arm
Bicycle crunches - the slower you do these, the more the burn; do 15 per side
Triceps bench dip - great for the arms
Bird Dog - a yoga move that really works the abs; do 15 per side

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