Friday, November 9, 2012

Fit Friday: Total body at home circuit

Today's workout will work just about every muscle in your body. Be prepared to sweat and be sore the next day... only the best kind of sore though, when you know you've done your body good!

I recently made this workout up when I didn't want to run or do a workout DVD, and I ended up loving it because of all of the variety. It will keep you moving and on your toes - no boredom here!

You'll need about 5 - 10 pounds weights, a stability ball, and a medicine ball. Be sure to warm-up/cool down and stretch before and after the workout.

To see examples of the exercises, click on the following links:

Wide squat with overhead press
Lateral front raises: Same as the link below but to the front
Lateral side raises
Skull crushers on stability ball: Lying on a stability ball will also work your core. You can use dumbbells for this instead of a barbell.
Stability ball knee tuck ...and add a pushup when you're in the plank position

Leg curls on stability ball
Hip thrust on stability ball
Stability ball side leg lift
Back lunge with front kick

Toe touches with medicine ball or holding a dumbbell
Russian twists with medicine ball... hold a medicine ball or dumbbell to make it more challenging
Bicycle crunches

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